How many men need an erection help

  • 6:51 pm, Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Most men have ever needed an erection help in their lives. Alcohol, tiredness, stress or simply not being in the right mood at the right time may all lead to failure to achieve or maintain an erection. The most frequent cause of temporary problems is anxiety.

The latest thinking among experts in this area is that in 70% of cases there is a physical cause for erection problems. Psychological causes are responsible for the other 30% of cases. It is estimated that as few as 10% of men with erection problems seek assistance, despite the fact that treatment and support can be highly effective.

As men get older, the incidence of problems increases, but that should never deter anyone from seeking help. Each failed act of intercourse becomes a powerful force that psychologically conditions the man to fail on each subsequent attempt.

If possible, you should discuss the situation with your partner. Failing to be open with your partner about your anxieties can exacerbate your problem and make your partner feel excluded or rejected. It is highly beneficial to have your partner’s emotional support and understanding. It may help to have the partner accompany you to see the doctor. Erection oils are also considered as a good erection help measure.


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Help eliminate causes of erection problem

  • 8:17 pm, Monday, December 11th, 2006

Circulation problems

To get an erection, it is necessary that blood flows to the penis and stays there. If there are circulation problems, there may be difficulties in maintaining an erection. Blockage of the blood supply to the penis is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. This is quite similar to blockage of the heart vessels in heart disease. Heavy smokers are particularly at risk from poor circulation and therefore problems with erection. Research has shown that men who smoke are more likely to encounter erectile problems than men who are non-smokers. New research also suggests that up to 11% of distance cyclists are prone to erectile dysfunction.


A large proportion of diabetics will experience ED at some stage, with the risk increasing as time goes by. Diabetes can affect blood vessels and nerves in various parts of the body and is a major cause of erection problems. Diabetes has an impact on both blood supply to the penis and the nervous control needed to maintain an erection. It can affect the autonomic nerves which are responsible for controlling bodily functions. This can lead to a lowering of male sexual potency. It is a good idea for those with diabetes to have an open discussion with their GP about sexual problems associated with the condition.

Excessive drinking

Unfortunately ‘brewers droop’ is not a myth. It is estimated that excess alcohol consumption causes about one in six cases of erectile dysfunction. Contrary to popular belief alcohol is a depressant drug and although it may lessen sexual inhibitions it may also reduce sexual arousal. It is worth cutting back on your drinking to see if this has any impact on the problem.


One of the side effects of certain groups of drugs is a problem with erection. Drugs for treating high blood pressure, depression, or some ulcer healing drugs and anticonvulsants can cause erectile dysfunction. Drugs that contain the female hormone oestrogen or medications to counteract testosterone may also cause problems. Illegal drugs like cocaine may also interfere with ability to maintain an erection.

Conditions of the penis

There are a number of conditions affecting the tissues in the penis that if left untreated, will have an impact on the ability to maintain an erection. These include Peyronie’s Disease (bent penis) balanitis (inflamed glans or head of penis) and untreated priapism (where erection lasts for hours becoming very painful). Infections, including sexually transmitted diseases may also lead to problems.

Neurological conditions

With spinal injury, multiple sclerosis or tumours there is an impact on the nerve supply to the penis which can cause erection problems.


Sometimes surgery to the prostate or pelvis where there has been nerve or tissue damage may cause erectile dysfunction.

Serious illness

A range of serious illnesses may cause erectile dysfunction. These include liver or kidney disease, heart attack, heart failure, chest problems, injury or major surgery. Some people may be so weakened by their condition that they simply lack the stamina for intercourse.

Psychological causes

There are a number of possible underlying psychological causes. These include depression, anxiety, fear of failure because of recent problems with erection, relationship problems or marital disharmony, loss of attraction to partner, stress, premature ejaculation.

There is a range of treatments available to help you get an erection. Erection problems tend to become more common as you age, but it can affect men at any age and at any time in their lives. Physical causes are more common in older men, while psychological causes are more common in younger men. Erection oils are proven to help you get an erection. Read the complete Erection Help review for more information.


Help prevent erection problems

  • 8:53 pm, Thursday, December 7th, 2006

An erection problem is the inability to get or maintain an erection that is firm enough for a man to have intercourse. You may be unable to get an erection at all, or you may lose the erection during intercourse before you are ready. You may even get good erection to complete intercourse, but it is not firm enough to satisfy your partner. If the condition persists, the medical term is erectile dysfunction. But this is not always the case. You may experiense temporary problems that can be solved with erection oils help.

Erection problems are common in adult men. In fact, almost all men experience occasional difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. In many cases, it is a temporary condition that will go away with little or no treatment. In other cases, it can be an ongoing problem that can damage a man’s self esteem and harm his relationship with his partner, and thus requires treatment. If you have difficulty having or keeping an erection more than 25% of the time, it is considered a problem and you may need an erection help.

In the past, erection problems were thought to be “all in the man’s mind.” Men often were given unhelpful advice such as “don’t worry” or “just relax and it will take care of itself.” Today, doctors believe that when the problem does not go away on its own, physical factors are usually the cause.

In most men, erection difficulties do not affect their sex drive. However, they can seriously affect, damage and even ruin sex life. So if you don’t want this to happen, take a look at our Erection Help review.


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Erection help and your age

  • 4:06 pm, Monday, December 4th, 2006

Men from different age groups may need an erection help. But there are defferent causes of erection problems, we will discover them in this article.

First, let’s define the problem. Erection help means they need a help to get an erection to achieve satisfactory intercourse. Some sufferers can’t get a hard-on at all; others get one but it isn’t firm enough to penetrate the partner; and others can manage penetration for a bit, but then lose it.

Erection problems are very common, and they occur for a variety of reasons and at different ages:

1. Teenagers and young men. In younger males, the most frequent cause is anxiety – particularly nervousness about having sex, about causing a pregnancy, or about using a condom. A lot of men in this age group complain that they ‘can’t get on with a condom’ because as soon as they try to put it on, they lose their ‘stiffy’.

2. Middle age Common causes in this age group are overwork, stress, guilt and bereavement (problems often happens when a widowed man tries to form a new sexual relationship). A few cases are due to diabetes.

3. Post-middle age In this group of men, erection problems gets commoner with increasing age. Nonetheless, 70 per cent of all 70-year-olds are sexually potent.

It is now clear that in a very high proportion of cases, the problem is due to deterioration in the blood vessels that carry blood into the penis.

You may be surprised to see that I have not listed ‘lack of hormones’ as a common cause of erection problems. In fact, lack of male hormone is pretty rare.

If you are tempted to go to one of the many private clinics that make a habit of diagnosing ‘male hormone deficiency’, and then charging huge sums of money for testosterone treatment, I suggest you think twice! Going to a prostitute to see if she can cure you is also a bad idea.

If you have difficulty getting an erection, take a look at erection oils. They are developed to help you get an erection in less than a minute. However if you think you have serious issues, you may problably have an Erectile Dysfunction. Read the Erection Help review for more information.