Breast Enhancement and Nursing

  • 2:19 pm, Monday, June 25th, 2007

Breast is the central focal point of your baby’s life. It is NOT just a food source but also a source of comfort and security. It is soft and warm to feel and to baby’s mouth, which a bottle certainly isn’t. Baby feels safe and secure at Mommy’s breast. All nursing mothers can vouch for the fact how well breastfeeding calms down a fussy baby. Breast is baby’s natural pacifier and ‘security blanket’.

Breastfeeding can help your child during any kind of emotional upsets or family crises, or just simply through teething. Breastfeeding works best when it is done “on demand”, in other words whenever the baby wants to or shows cues of wishing to nurse. That can even mean up several times an hour in the beginning. First of all, infants have very small tummies and breast milk digests quickly, so the smaller the baby, the quicker she will be hungry again. Also, babies don’t nurse for food only but also for comfort and security. Western culture values independence and visible accomplishments, which is seen also in the parenting advice one often sees: mothers are told to have infants sleep in a separate bed, force them to sleep through the night without nursing, or nurse on schedule. Wearing/carrying the baby a lot, and valuing the time-spent breastfeeding are not emphasized. But even science has now found evidence that this is not the way to go. Tip: If you have small breasts try breast enhancement program for a fuller, firmer shape that you always wanted.


Aphrodisiacs to get an erection

  • 2:16 pm, Monday, June 25th, 2007

Mankind has been fascinated for ages with any powders or fluids that can make the blood run faster and stop inhibitions from interfering with a good time. From the exotic tales of Arabian Nights, where cunning sultans slipped aphrodisiacs into the wine of beautiful women, and on to the tale of Tristan and Isolde, who fall in love after drinking a special potion, men and women have been dreaming of such a magic way of finding love. And through the ages they have also searched for it, experimenting with many natural and artificial substances that would help men either fall in love or even get an erection.

Onions, pepper, garlic or ginger were the leading foods thought to be aphrodisiacs because they give a person the appearance of sexual arousal. More sophisticated approaches involved complex formulas, such as dishes of onion seeds and honey or peas boiled with onions and spiced with cinnamon and ginger.

Bremelanotide is a generic name given to a new medication that was hailed as the first synthetic aphrodisiac. Unlike Viagra or Cialis, Bremelanotide is not as mere vasodilator, but a complex substance that directly increases sexual desire. Lab tests have shown this substance to be effective in treating sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

Get in the mood while enjoying sexy food like oysters, quail’s eggs with champagne or asparagus. Exotic fruits and chocolate should mark the end of the dinner, after which you can retire to the bedroom for a night of passion. However, this is still not a guarantee the night of passion will happen. Fact is, almost all men experience erection problems from time to time. If you do not want to destroy your self esteem and harm relationship with your lover, try erection oils. This is a guaranteed way to get an erection in 60 seconds or less.


Ejaculation volume pills vs. performance anxiety

  • 2:11 pm, Monday, June 25th, 2007

There’s pressure for men to be very good in sex. There’s a notion that men play the active role in sex while women take only the passive part. Men who…

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Virility problems

  • 4:52 pm, Monday, June 18th, 2007

Clinically called Erectile Dysfunction or ED, erection problems are the biggest issue concerning men’s health. Impotence or inability to get an erection leads to diminished sexual satisfaction like insufficient ejaculation or orgasm. No formal records can reveal the beginnings of this dysfunction. No history books can trace back the first case of erectile problems; on where and how it started. It can be assumed that it came into existence the moment the penis was created. Virility is the yin and impotence is the yang of men. However, efforts to fight off problematic erections dates back as early as the 1930s. Doctor John R Brinkley is an American diploma-mill graduate who began the trend of finding cures for men’s health problems. Records have it that Brinkley conducted about 16,000 operations in which he implanted men with tissues from the testicles of young goats. Inflatable penile implants began to exist during the 1970s, and the injectable gained controversy in 1983 when Giles Brindley, a British physiology PhD holder,exposed before the American Urological Association his erection achieved through phentolamine injections. Brindley’s discovery served as the foundation for later further studies and development of oral medications against erection problems such as the popular virility pills.

There are approximately 30 million American men suffering from erectile dysfunction but most still have the ability to have an orgasm and father a child, but often have difficulty doing these things because they can’t get an erection. If you need an instant erection, you should take a look at the topical erection oils. Targeted delivery has been recently identified as an emerging alternative to orally administered products mainly due to the current concerns of the side effects that may occur from taking prescription drugs. Topical erection oils present a preferable delivery method that enhances the desired effect directly to the intended site of action while limiting the exposure of the rest of the body to the ingredients.


Breast Feeding and Breast Enhancement

  • 4:47 pm, Monday, June 18th, 2007

Breast feeding provides nourishment as well as foster a loving bond between a mother and a child.

Breastfeeding is a natural way of bonding with your child. Nursing and holding the child close causes the brain to release a hormone-like substance called oxytocin. Its release is especially pronounced with skin-to-skin contact. This hormone has been called the “love hormone” or the “cuddle hormone” or the “bonding hormone”. It provides a sense of calm and well being and helps the mother and child to bond together. It is involved in those mothering feelings we experience after giving birth to a child.

Breastmilk contains a wonderful hormone called cholecystokinin (CCK), which induces sleepiness, both in the baby and the mother. It is the easiest method to put your child to sleep.

Also, while nursing, the child will usually get much more skin-to-skin contact with Mommy – and that can make a difference in how well your baby grows. Studies show how premature infants grow much better if they are massaged and touched a lot by a human hand, and the same surely applies to babies born at term.

If your breast is no longer full and attractive as it was before you started breastfeeding your child, try breast enhancement program. This will give you for a fuller, firmer shape – like before breastfeeding or even better!


Erectile Dysfunction

  • 4:39 pm, Monday, June 18th, 2007

Clinically called Erectile Dysfunction or ED, erection problems are the biggest issue concerning men’s health. Impotence or inability to get an erection leads to diminished sexual satisfaction like insufficient ejaculation…

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Breast Enhancement Pump

  • 1:59 pm, Saturday, June 9th, 2007

The breast enhancement pump was once heralded as the miracle treatment for women who wanted to have the larger fuller more supple breasts that they had always dreamed of.

However in recent decades it has been revealed that the breast enhancement pump may not be the best way to naturally enlarge one’s breasts. It is fairly hard to find a new breast pump on the market these days, due to the relative ease with which women can increase the size of their chest with cosmetic surgery.

As to whether the breast enhancement pump actually ever worked there is still some speculation on that. When it first arrived on the market there was wide praise for the pumps ability to increase the size of a woman’s chest after several weeks of use. In fact some women even claimed that they had added up to two-cup sizes after prolonged use.

Most doctors will say that any short term perceived increase in the size of a woman’s breasts after using the pump is purely a placebo effect. That is, the woman was so eager to see positive results that she saw them whether they occurred or not.

The other theory is that, due to the elastic nature of human skin, that prolonged pumping of any human body part, over a long enough period of time will produce enough stretching to give the appearance that there as breast growth.

However, the breast pump has simply faded from the market in favor of better, cheaper and safer ways to enhance ones breasts. This probably is a good indicator that pump did not work in the first place and that if you are looking to enhance the size of your breasts you money would be better spent elsewhere. There is always breast enhancement surgery. This is a time tested and true method of increasing the size of your chest guaranteed. The only drawback is that it has a long recovery time.

Other than that you should probably look at breast enhancement pills that use natural herbs and other chemicals to get the desired result. It is a natural product and will increase the size of your breast in 4-5 week’s time! There’s no side effect and no extra expenses! There is no risk factor of surgery too. If you want to have fuller breast with no side effects – try Breast Enhancement Pills!


Viagra Alternatives

  • 1:55 pm, Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Pfizer is not the only company that is raking in millions of dollars out of a sexual enhancer. Other pharmaceutical companies are also devising and developing other drugs to help men answer “how to get an erection?” question, that are claimed to be as effective as Viagra. There are recently launched drugs that are making a noise in the industry; they supposedly act as a viable Viagra alternative in their own respect. These oral inhibitors are aimed to treat one of man’s sexual nightmares: erectile dysfunction or ED. Compared to Viagra, a man can see the results in about thirty minutes and the drugs’ effectiveness is said to last until about thirty six hours. In some cases, the products cut the time of effectiveness in half, as opposed to other drugs, which take twenty five minutes or longer to work. However, like Viagra, these products need stimulation in order to work, so the body must first be aroused before anything else happens. As with any other prescription, these drugs are only recommended for certain patients since the clinical tests for these are just limited to particular groups of men; hence, their usage is discouraged among men with illnesses like stroke, hypertension, or other hereditary disorders. Moreover, these alternatives are reported to cause mild or moderate side effects such as dizziness, headaches, nasal congestion, upset stomach, flushing, or muscle aches.

Among the familiar herbs that can provide a remedy to the problem of ED are Yohimbe, Arginine, and Ginkgo Biloba. It is essential to check and see these names on the product of one’s choice. However, there also exists other natural ingredients that are equally important to a man’s penile health. Yourwebdoc.com lists down various herbs that can constitute a natural Viagra alternative. For one, Epimedium extract is widely known to boost the libido, and therefore, it increases sensation or sex drive. The icariin ingredient in Epimedium is primarily responsible for erectile problems and help men get an erection?. Meanwhile, Cuscuta Seed increases sperm volume and prevents premature ejaculation, another common penis problem. Ginseng is another constituent that has been around for centuries as aphrodisiac and energy booster; its Asian Red variety has been discovered and recorded by scientists to be good for sex glands and as stimulants in physical activities.

So if your problem is an erection, what is the answer to “how to get an erection?” Take a look at the erection oils. These oils are designed to penetrate the deepest layers of the penile tissue and testicles instantaneously, and help you get an erection within 30 – 90 seconds!!! Get an instant erection when you want it!


Virility pills to increase ejaculation volume

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Erection info

  • 8:41 pm, Monday, June 4th, 2007

Erection is one of the most impressive functions of the human body that we can observe on a regular basis and without the aid of devices. While the process itself may look pretty simple and straightforward, it is anything but that. Whether we’re talking about the penis or the clitoris, the process is largely the same and just as complex since it is guided by either the central nervous system or by the autonomic nervous system, depending upon the type of stimulation encountered.

As soon as enough blood has entered the penis, the arteries contract in order to return to the normal flow of blood, thus preventing the blood inside the penis from leaving the area. The same system is used in the case of mechanical stimulation of the penis and in the absence of external stimuli. The entire process is handled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) with minimal input from the central nervous system. When the stimulation ends, the ANS makes the arteries constrict and forces blood out of the penis.

Although the cerebral cortex is not involved in every type of stimulation that causes erection, it, nevertheless, can put an end to any erection if it judges that the situation requires such action. This is why men and women have to avoid things that can kill the mood and turn them off.

For help in improving your erections and ensuring full, hard erections on demand please visit our Erection Help page where you can find all related information and learn how to get an erection right when you need it.


Breast enhancement side effects

  • 4:43 pm, Friday, June 1st, 2007

Depending on what form of breast enhancement you choose, these will be different side effects. The side effects are not exclusively negative, but some of them are. Others are positive. So be sure to have a good grasp of what to expect when you undertake this life altering decision.

Herbal Breast Enhancement Side Effects

The unique blend of herbs and minerals found in herbal breast enhancement are, on their own, powerful medicines that are used to cure many ailments. However, put together, they are a tour de force that ends up altering your hormone patterns.

Đ•his altering of the hormones may have the positive effect of regulating your menstrual cycle. But on the other hand it is forbidden to take the herbal pills if you are pregnant or nursing. While there is no concrete evidence that there s a problem, there is a small chance that it could harm your baby or unborn fetus.

Breast Implant Surgery

The most controversial of all, there have scores of studies hoping to determine the negative health effects of breast implants. Obviously, silicone breast implants, which were banned by the FCC in 1992 were deemed to be unsafe, as they may have leaked inside the women’s bodies and caused them irreparable harm.

Today, saline solution is used and, while it doesn’t feel quite as natural, it is not a harmful substance. There is still a chance that the implant could malfunction, but in that case it is a simple procedure to remove it.

Breast enhancement treatment is designed to enhance the appearance of individuals who understand that they are attractive already. By entering this treatment with the right attitude, breast enhancement will be one of the best things that a person can do. Herbal Breast Enhancement is the best option you can choose: free of side effects and guaranteed to work.


How Increase Ejaculation Pills work

  • 4:27 pm, Friday, June 1st, 2007

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