Penis extenders

  • 8:46 am, Saturday, July 19th, 2008

There are new products on the market that claim to help man enlarge his member. Throughout history, people have discovered ways of elongating and enlarging certain body parts to enhance…

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How to increase ejaculation volume

  • 3:43 pm, Thursday, July 10th, 2008

The amazing ejaculation volume pills are a sexual performance booster. Not only that the pills guarantee rock hard erections and longer performance, but they also provide a unique twist: bigger…

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Erectile Dysfunction

  • 3:40 pm, Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Today, I got a chance to talk to Simon, about over coming one of mans worst fears: ‘Erectile Dysfunction‘ (ED).

DOC: Hi Simon, Would you like to introduce yourself?

SE: Certainly. I’m Simon Ellison I’m 35 years old and have been impotent for the last 6 years.

DOC: How did your condition make you feel?

SE: ED made me feel very weak. I had no confidence- this feeling quickly spread to other parts of my life- my marriage and work began to suffer. Everyone began to notice the change in me.

DOC: Weren’t you scared?

SE: Scared! Terrified more like! I couldn’t understand why. Why me? I felt very angry and worried at the same time. So confused…it felt like a part of me had died…

DOC: Worried…

SE: I was worried about my wife……wondering when she would notice… waiting for her to say something about the situation…wondering whether she’d go elsewhere

DOC: What was the worst thing for you about the situation?

SE: I am a person who is highly energetic- I love to be involved in everything and anything is a challenge-I don’t give up till I succeed. Can you imagine what it was like finding out I was impotent? Finding that a part of me didn’t work-yes I cannot get an erection-was so hard-and it happened when I was fairly young-that made the situation worst-it affected everything- my job, my outlook-I became highly depressed-I felt I had no one to talk to. I became increasingly frustrated, both sexually and mentally. I knew I needed to take action-but it was so hard…..but it got a lot easier as time went on…

DOC: What was the first step you took?

SE: The first and probably the hardest step I took was admitting the problem to myself- after I had admitted this I could then go on to help myself.

We will continue this interview soon.


Modern Techniques Of Breast Enhancement

  • 3:31 pm, Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Breast is a symbol of femininity and sexuality. Women likes to increase her breast size or have a fuller, firmer, more enhanced appearance. Various hormonal imbalances often have an affect and inhibit the natural growth of the mammary glands (the breasts), thus reducing breast size and fullness. Hormone balancing is the first step every woman should take for a fuller, firmer, more beautiful bustline. Hormones misbalancing can actually leads to poor bust development as well as problems such as sagging and shrinking with age or pregnancy.

In case you feel you are disproportionate there is nothing to worry. Breast enhancement can reinstall your glowing appearance and your self-confidence. Some of the breast enhancement methods involve:

Periarolar (around the lower border of the nipple/areola): An incision is made at the margin of the pigmented portion of the nipple and the skin of the breast. Pockets for the implant can then be made either behind the breast or behind the pectoral muscle. The breast implants are inserted, inflated, and adjusted for symmetry.

Umbilical (belly button): A small incision is made in the belly button. With a special instrument, a tunnel is made from the incision to the back portion of each breast. The breast implants are rolled up like cigars and passed up these tunnels. They are inflated, checked for symmetry, and the incision is closed. The advantage of this approach is the absence of scars on the breasts. The disadvantage of this approach is the necessity to place the mammary prosthesis in front of the pectoralis muscle as well as behind the breast.

Surgery always involves risks, for example infection, bleeding, or implant failure. Modern techniques of breast enhancement are carefully performed to minimize risks but cannot guarantee a perfect result every time. Try Breast Enhancement Pills if you don’t want to undergo any surgery.